Abstract The highly competitive environment in which businesses operate today requires a skilful workforce in every organisation in order to remain a successful player in the competitive game of the industry. The way they react and interact with guests are key to guest happiness and their return to your hotel. Training providers should also offer private training for just your team, in situ if needed, so do consider what might be most suited. Guests always notice the difference. I would love to know more on staff training for housekeeping team. This awareness will help speed up any required repairs and also reduce the amount of guest complaints! You’ve come to the right place! I need advice on Housekeeping supervisor training and Carpet cleaning, with all machine operating training – can you help? Thank you for your message – please do get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to help with your staff training! Can I get an online training from ur company, ie tutorials of how to make nice bed, etc in a hotel room? I will be glad to hear from you! Topics about staff training, the importance of it, and the benefits it bring are discussed in the theory part. We are so excited to share efficient technique to hotel cleaning and housekeeping management. Laundry – Depending on the size of the hotel, the housekeeper staff may not have to directly manage the laundry, however if they do, it is wise that they understand the key functions of correct laundry procedures. It’s not just about having a clean and tidy room. . PREPARE FOR WORK AND CLOSE WORK . Hi Sunny, we’ve emailed you directly – thank you for your interest in our training! Worldwide. We look forward to speaking to discuss your training needs. United Kingdom, Copyright Polo & Tweed™ | All rights reserved. It is not an easy task to achieve! Hsieh, Y., Apostolopoulos, Y., & Sönmez, S. (2016). We would be delighted to assist you with training for your housekeeping team. Thank you! The skills your housekeeper team learn and hone can be the difference between success and failure of your hotel. Housekeeping training for hotel staff is different for every person, every team and every establishment. We would be delighted to help you further as we can certainly provide materials for you to buy or licence for use in your hotel. There are many different types of cleaning chemicals and methods for upkeep of furniture and floor. Thank you for your message. Fire Protocols – Similar to health and safety, this is a key aspect the housekeeping team should follow. Hi Kemmy – we would be happy to assist you in your housekeeping training, we offer many types of courses from group and private training through to online training. Training and Development. Not only do we review cleaning standards but we also look at the reactions from customers, and what it might mean for your hotel when a room is not properly cleaned. 3. Students will learn the most when then can immediately apply their skills in a real life environment. Hotel Housekeeping i About the Tutorial Hotel Housekeeping is an activity of keeping the hotel clean, tidy, and up to the highest standard of conduct. There are several different ways of training and further educating your housekeeping staff. What standards should you follow? . I have 3 properties that we rent out on Airbnb . Thank you. Hi Lucy I’m Umesh from India, I’m also interested to learn for how to train my housekeeping team. I want to train my housekeeping staff about so many things, like communication, guest etiquette and many more areas of duties. I will love to be trained more about my job. information for use in classrooms, upgrades Housekeeping Practical Training for hotel management students. Your email address will not be published. would you proivde interpter in traning course. Secondly, look at future developments. Students will learn the most when then can immediately apply their skills in a real life environment. When working in a high end or boutique hotel, the skills and quality of your housekeeping staff can make or break the experience for your guests. Hye there, I’m looking for public courses which our Housekeeping Supervisor or team could attend to enhance their knowledge. This paper. Maintenance – Although the housekeeping team might not be actually doing the maintenance, it is their job to report issues to maintenance and monitor their repair. This list features seven key topics that housekeepers must be able to understand and talk about in English. It’s really a very helpful article. The article is very informative regarding work as well. Communication – This may seem like a given, but without following clear communication, both between housekeeping and between the other departments in the house, the hotel can suffer. I am Janaka and I want to know how to plan training sessions for my staff. Before hitting on the other blogs I would request everyone to give a try over here to get the best available content. Lucy. If you’d like to know more about this then please do have a look here, or drop us a line. Pls suggest me how can attend ur training session? Your blog information is very interesting. United Kingdom, Copyright Polo & Tweed™ | All rights reserved. hello how are you I would like information about training for cleaning and maintenance positions. The standards you choose to set depend on the unique selling point of your brand. . Mayfair, Proper Housekeeping means proper training! Thank you so much for your kind comments, we are pleased you are enjoying our blogs! This will enable the opportunity for every student to learn from the housekeeping skills training provided. You need your housekeepers to take pride in their presentation, and they need to know why this is important. They will learn to use all the equipment correctly, and can physically practise the way things need to be done, to the highest standard and as efficiently as possible. Would you like to give us a call on +44(0)203 858 0233 and we can have a chat about the options with us? Fabulous! Hi Catherine – the great news is that with online training, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are – we can train you! 99% hotel staff is trained only for guest handling, grooming and etiquettes, housekeeping etc.