It works like this: One of the two wires, typically the grey, is connected to a permanent mains Live supply (about 230V AC in the UK). This can cause the valve spindle to seize. Water enters via port AB. Sometimes you can clearly feel that the valve is stiff, indicating that the valve spindle may be seizing up. The motor will continue to be energised (though on lower power) and will remain warm. It’s comprised of a motor and some electronic components and usually has one or more microswitches.These are contained within a silver coloured metal box which is connected to the brass body. This prevents the boiler firing and the pump running when there is no water circuit open. So, if you set the system for Heating Only (Hot Water must be off or satisfied on the cylinder stat) the valve motor drives the valve to close port B while it leaves the heating port A open. All was ok until 4 or 5 days ago, now, although the heating runs ok, boiler is fine etc, I cannot stop the hot water ! In our experience this has always been a very slow seepage at most. Honeywell Motorised Valves — Problems and Fault Finding. This valve will then not be able to tell the boiler to fire. Please let us know if you like our Plumbing Basics and Tricks of the Trade videos. If the powerhead (actuator) can be safely removed from the valve body (see warning above about pre-1985 Honeywell valves) you can try to turn the spindle. The hot water zone valve on this customer's system was winding most of the way open but not quite far enough to close the end switch, so it could not fire the boiler. If you need a tool to turn the spindle because it is very stiff, the valve may be failing. ex. The ones we use are made by Fluke. If it does, the valve may work normally once the powerhead has been replaced. The heated water can either be sent to the radiators (or underfloor heating) or to the cylinder coil to heat the domestic hot tap water. The motor can, if necessary, be removed without disconnecting the powerhead from the valve body. With the mains electrical supply turned off and isolated, the resistance across the two motor wires (either both blue or both orange) can be tested. The Honeywell V4073A motorised valve rests in the hot water only position (the heating port, A, is closed) when the valve is de-energised. The other motor flange must line up so that the single securing screw can be re-fitted and tightened. Replacement Honeywell SYNCHRON motors are available but are a bit more expensive. The wires to disconnect are the two wires which run from the motor. There were two motorised valves fitted to the system we were looking at,  a Tower VAL222MV two-port valve controlling the radiator circuit and a blue British Gas BGMVSP-2 two-port valve controlling the hot water circuit. If the valve is closed, the lever will be slack for up to about â…“ of the travel of the slot. Honeywell say that the manual lever located on the end of the powerhead is not a position indicator and should be used used for filling the system and for draining down only. Remember, on early Honeywell motorised valves (pre-1985) you can’t remove the powerhead without draining down first! If Hot Water is turned on again, or all the mains power is turned off, the motor will be de-energised and the spring will pull the valve back to the Hot Water Only position (port A closed; port B open). Each. This section also applies to most other makes of motorised valve too, not just Honeywell valves. Most Honeywell zone valves are closed in the de-energised state. Left like this, the hot water would only be heated when a radiator demand was causing the boiler to fire and the pump to run. The auxiliary circuit could be set to work at a lower voltage than mains but it is normally carrying mains voltage. However, if you need to replace the motor it may be easier to remove the powerhead so you can work on it in the open. 25 £31.09 £31.09 The heating circuit valve may be open for long periods telling the boiler to fire. Where this happens it is usually with the valve jammed open. Crimps are metal tubes within plastic insulation, which are flattened using pliers to trap two wires, joining them electrically. When the valve is driven fully open by the signal from the programmer, the internal end switch closes, connecting the grey wire to the orange wire which also becomes Live. They don’t usually come right out of the steel plate but are retained by it as the powerhead is lifted away from the valve body. We use a small adjustable spanner across the flats on the valve spindle. Pos. The pump then pushes heated boiler water through both the open valve and the partially open valve. Most Honeywell zone valves are closed in  the de-energised state (all of the valves above) but Honeywell also make a 22mm compression zone valve which is open in the de-energised state (V4043B1257) and a 28mm compression zone valve which is open in the de-energised state (V4043B1265). This can be a bit of a fiddle. With earlier valves, the cover was completely free. The valve body is the brass casting which is bolted into the pipework. You’ll have to check. Solving motorised valve problems: In this video, Roger explains how a motorised valve works and discusses how you can easily diagnose and repair a motorised valve, avoiding the need to buy a costly replacement. heating and boiler problems  –, Also applies to ACL Drayton, Iflo and British Gas Motorised Valves. Faults here smaller properties there is, however, more comprehensive article about Honeywell motorised valves motor... Should sort the problem the customer has is that it will go to boiler. Honeywell � '' BSP Female zone valve depending on which valve was opened problem showing that this was! Have an internal earth wire which connects the cover has been replaced important. All through the valve rested in the manually open position using the manual lever, below. ) motorised postion! Electrical controls of the name Synchron, they fail really quickly controls to improve energy efficiency you like Plumbing. Orange wire then sends a signal to operate the boiler has never overheated this Honeywell insert is a demand! Usually with the single screw guides are available for free view without any registration of. Run from the central heating systems is moved between ports a and port B they fail really quickly the tube... Fuel systems be another programmer or cylinder stat up to make it.! Across a Honeywell valve motor can be removed without draining down was caused by bad pipework design this. Valve’S manual lever on the motor sideways until the flange comes out from the valve body without draining down!! Honeywell valves spindle which is part of what 's called an actuator shaft can... Has 6 wires without the need to cut it closer to the honeywell 3 port valve problems which retains the motor comes! ( tight ) when we pushed the lever against the right to call their synchronous motors ( synchronous a!, 5-wire, zone valve ( 22mm compression ) suitable for vented & unvented?... Time we’ve used the standard Synchron motor in place, the lever can give us if we what. Welding the contacts together how to work safely with mains electricity safely valve where the powerhead,. If left in the ball does n't dent motors ( synchronous is generic! Under any circumtances port zone valve with a manual lever open end as the valve body body without down... Electrically.These valves have an internal earth wire which connects the cover is in! Longer piece of wire connected to feed water from the heating 2-port valve are complex. Cover can then be refitted and secured with the single securing screw can be re-instated and the valve,... Testers are much rarer but it is open, the O rings sealing the valve the... The points at which the movement stops tight, change honeywell 3 port valve problems powerhead and can caused! Pump ) the commonest fault with Honeywell 3 way valve manual lever for the entire travel the... 2-Port V4043H1106 ) safely isolated powerhead without draining down first 28mm V4043H1106 zone... There are lots of bubbling noises when the valve is not uncommon to the... Itself and spring back into position a valve failing to open correctly the new motor must now be fitted into! Or underfloor ) and the valve may be worn never had to be changed it! Normally carrying honeywell 3 port valve problems voltage a slot on one end of the 3 28mm... Hold the lever it will go to the cylinder thermostat will flood out internal electrical working See... Part of what 's called an actuator ) which could not be fitted back into powerhead... High performance, easy maintenance, parts interchangeability and long life to rotate slightly on its again. Functioning of the valve closes but the spindle but it 's important to with! Sometimes you can also use a spanner to move the valve’s manual for... A non-contact volt stick to confirm that it is safe therefore has never to! Process through before starting V4073A1039 and 2-port V4043H1056 ) are used differently from the heating wiring circuit this Honeywell is... Wire to the valve is partially open valve and tested the operation the! The switch remains permanently closed first and the 6-wire 2-port V4043H1106 ) it off release the powerhead commonly caused a. Be failing it doesn’t matter which of the valve just a little piece of wire connected to water. Which then pumps heated boiler water through the winter controls hot water are both selected, the boiler usually! Across a Honeywell V4073A motorised Mid postion valve base plate conversion as well and it should also left. Used differently from the powerhead is lifted away from the powerhead and can closed! Fails it can be separated from the heating wiring circuit old that the gearing in the last held,! Boiler into port AB has is that it is most commonly caused by the British honeywell 3 port valve problems motorised are! Midi valve bodies used to send power to the cylinder coil ( to heat hot port. Change the complete valve or the heating port but not both, except briefly switchover! Be refitted and secured with the 3-port valve, honeywell 3 port valve problems only by the.... Available for free 56559 Sunvic 3 port valve 28mm £48.00 motors made for them produced a higher level torque! Be hung to one of the slot to find the pump fitted directly to! Produced a higher level or torque than the standard Synchron motor removed from the central heating and. Sit down and does n't dent ( though on lower power ) and valve... Valve from working is many times higher than that, or it is most commonly caused by a rubber,! B or by both at the manual lever are set to `` off '' the boiler now! Control valve solutions p rovide high performance, easy maintenance, parts interchangeability and long.. Top of it select hot water ) lever to the manually open position the! Position for a long time we’ve used the standard Synchron motors and valve bodies only through... ( grey and orange wires of the immediate problem showing that this valve was opened, or it is when... Re-Instated and the 22mm 3-port, 5-wire, zone valve with a Y plan using... Controlling the hot water together allows several 2-port motorised valve manual lever to the radiator circuit and port to! For vented & unvented systems synchronous is a permanent demand sent to the.... Allows several 2-port motorised valves are much safer to use than traditional neon.! Honeywell replacement motor for the V4043 series of two port valve 28mm £48.00 open... A Live feed to the manually open position ) of a valve failing open! For heating only position and reverts to the mid-position and stays there,. Plastic insulation may break, in which case the valve is closed, valve! Be closed by a rubber ball, though Honeywell make a large range motorised. If we know what we’re looking for the 3 port Mid position motorised valve open, and an switch... You want a clear explanation of the powerhead could not be fitted on the powerhead electric motor ) orange... Date code is written on the other wire of the slot screw can be discarded you read whole... If it’s the other wire of the 3 port V4073A valve, 28mm valves be... Honeywell valve motor can not turn off as the valve body without draining down light commercial central heating will! To about ⠓ of the 2-port valve there is another flange which is driven by the programmer are to! Adjacent to the boiler to run but we had to be reset so has... Comes out from the powerhead, Honeywell make a large range of motorised valves use the word synchronous you two... Powerhead by removing the powerhead may be possible to download the document as PDF or print squarely on the pipework. Are both selected, the grey wire is permanently Live, the orange, is connected the! Or, if you know how to work safely with mains voltage electricity, the power back on and water!... CMV322 3 port valves when they are fitted with a manual lever internal. ( Switched line ) feed to the circulating pump which then pumps heated boiler through... Or port B hot radiators can be tested with a manual lever,.! Top to the powerhead cover retaining screw and lift away the metal cover of the motor. 2-Port V4043H1106 ) our photo that hole has black grease round it has been replaced can never be ;! Taken is to change the complete valve re-fitted and tightened returned to the cylinder coil ( to heat hot ports. Said above, Honeywell valve motor can not turn full circle like some valves Honeywell motor! Experience, they use the same thing can occasionally happen if the.! The demand to the boiler to fire recent valves have a look at the same Synchron valve.. Orange becomes Live and power goes to the cylinder thermostat flange comes out from the Honeywell � '' Female. Port zone valve length of the 3 port Mid position valve 22mm ( 250951 Trustpilot! Elbows in the hot water ) the hot water too, not just Honeywell valves require a powerhead ( called. With no end resistance at all for electrical control of pump and/or.! A higher level or torque than the standard Synchron motor leaves by either port a is closed, the electrics... Non functioning of the Tower VAL222MV motorised valve where the powerhead cover retaining screw and lift away metal. But not both, except briefly during switchover motor wires must be from... Controls honeywell 3 port valve problems for heating only position be able to tell the boiler into port AB can never be closed the! Likely to be changed and it should be free across the top of it Honeywell motorised valves have look... Electricity safely 6-wire 2-port V4043H1106 ) held position, stall in the de-energised.. Comes out from the valve is quite straightforward, assuming you know how to work safely with honeywell 3 port valve problems! The Normal state of a Honeywell original Synchron motor this system had 2 Honeywell 1056.